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Great Grape Gathering

Since the Great Grape Gathering was canceled in 2020 and again in 2021.  Altough the the 50th Anniversary for the Gathering would have been Celebrated at the 2020 contest. We will be calling the 2022 event The 50th Great Grape Gathering.   Therefore the special things that were planned for 2020 will be carried over to the 2022 Contest, despite everything being marked 2020.

 The lucky first 30 entrants will receive a highly valuable forged stainless steel modelling knife handle.      
 These knives are made by Swann-Morton in Sheffield, England.                        
A highly reputable manufacturer of surgical instruments




There will be an Ebenezer event again this year.  
The "Tuckahoe Free Flighters" is this year's sponsor.                                               
For this year a slight change in the Rules.  Nothing major.             

1.  Any plane or other design, as long as it's a profile fuselage with flat sheet wings and tail surfaces. Any wingspan. With engine to suit.                                              

2.  Score will be the total of 3 official flights, 30 second engine run Max.         
       Overruns will be counted as an attempt.  6 attempts for 3 official flights.





Roy Smith AKA "Aeronut" is the Contest Manager
The National Warplane Museum
Located at the Geneseo Airport
is an outstanding Free Flight
venue.  It has been suggested
that a membership to the museum
might be helpful in keep this site
open to Free Flight contests.

Link to the NWM below 



                       Sunset at Conesus Lake 
                  Just a bit East of Geneseo, NY


          List of Accommodations near Geneseo 
                                  A video collection of the flyers at the 2014 Gathering. 
                   I called it
     " The Great Grape Players"


I hope you enjoy it.
     The reports are written by Roy Smith.
Roy does an excellent job of portraying
 the feel of the Great Grape Gathering.

2019 Gathering
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Contest Manager  And Contact Person
Roy Smith       aeronut@kos.net  

Contest Director 

 Ruth Anne Bane   

Fun for kids of all ages